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Shenzhen Luyun International Logistics Co., Ltd. (Luyun for short) is a logistics company that specializes in serving the emerging economies of ASEAN. The company has a group of professional, dedicated, and high-quality industries that have been engaged in logistics, warehousing management, and legal consulting for many years. A team of elites, the company adopts Internet + information management to tailor-made high-quality, unique, modern logistics companies that guarantee "full-time worry-free" goods and provide customers with third-party ASEAN logistics solutions. They are located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shanghai. There are branches in Dongguan, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Dongxing, Pingxiang, and Hanoi and Mong Cai in Vietnam.

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Cross-border road transportation in Southeast Asia, round-trip cross-border transportation between China and Vietnam, cross-border transportation, factory cross-border transportation, customs clearance agent; domestic business: domestic trunk transportation, warehouse distribution; cross-border e-commerce business: international land transport services operated by Vietnam e-commerce COD , Trucks can be used to transport goods to and from China and Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore and other countries.

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Twenty years of truck transportation management experience, 365 days of business operation without work and rest, multilingual operation and barrier-free communication (English, Vietnamese, Cantonese) only provide you with high-quality services. The company started to operate logistics services in Southeast Asia in 2006, with the purpose of "fast, safe, and low-cost" to provide customers with efficient and convenient logistics service experience.

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Vietnam special line service

Vietnam special line logistics cargo shipment

Vietnam special line logistics

Choose land transportation, ASEAN cross-border land transportation is a novel transportation method, which has a faster transportation time compared with sea transportation, and has a lower transportation cost compared with air transportation, and is not restricted by time and location.


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Luyun International Logistics has played a leading role in the logistics industry in the ASEAN logistics dedicated line, and is committed to providing a full range of logistics support for exporting ASEAN enterprises. Having cooperated with Luyun for eight years, Luyun always puts the needs of customers first, and let us know as soon as there is a problem on the spot, so that we can coordinate and deal with it. It is strongly recommended to export to ASEAN logistics. It is right to find Luyun International.

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Authoritatively interpret the situation of Vietnam special line logistics, Southeast Asia special line logistics, and ASEAN special line logistics, and help export ASEAN enterprises to give reasonable plans and suggestions

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