"Deer Express" is for you to provide import and export declarations or to avoid complicated customs declaration process, and the services from delivery to customs clearance are all completed by "Deer". You only need to provide the list of goods and the agreed shipping costs, without paying additional fees such as customs declaration fees, customs duties, import VAT, etc.


Vietnam Line: Vietnam’s Hanoi DDP takes 2 days
Thailand Line: Bangkok, Thailand DDP takes 6 days
Myanmar line: Myanmar Yangon DDP takes 10 days
Laos line: Laos Vientiane DDP takes 6 days
Cambodian line: Cambodian Phnom Penh DDP takes 8 days


Simple operation: only need to provide a shipping list
Lower cost: the consignee does not have to pay additional import duties and VAT
Wide applicability: most products are suitable for the above lines
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