For the fast-growing logistics demand of ASEAN, “Luyun” provides customers with a cross-border land transportation plan that is far less efficient than air transportation. The program mainly faces land-based neighboring countries such as Vietnam's land transport, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia.


Truck transportation: domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao) truck transportation, overseas truck transportation

Customs clearance services: import and export declaration agent, certificate of origin, customs clearance, export tax rebate

Service area

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore


Strict transportation route arrangement

GPS, electronic lock monitoring

High cargo transportation insurance and vehicle insurance

Timeliness and convenience

Loading time: 24H vehicles do not work all day

Customs clearance time: Customs has no work schedule from Monday to Sunday

Operating time: 365 days we do not set up

Take Shenzhen-Henan as an example: from the completion of loading in Shenzhen to the arrival of unloading in Hanoi, only 24H is required.