"Deer Express" utilizes the transport characteristics of air-suspended suspension trucks and ultra-long ultra-high flat-bed trailers to provide you with sophisticated transportation solutions for ultra-high, ultra-wide, shock-absorbing and other complex properties. At the same time, the program will provide you with the consultation and operation of special requirements for import and export of new and old machinery and equipment.

1. The short-term nature of the implementation process: less repetition, more than one time;
2. The integrity of each link: the composition of multiple links, the links between each link, and each other, each link is related to the success or failure of the entire project;
3. Uncertainty in the operation process: There may be more problems, and multiple sets of emergency plans should be prepared;
4. Comprehensive and extensive, requiring a large amount of comprehensive knowledge, involving many departments, freight forwarding, customs, transportation, etc.;
5. Risk of the process: There are various unpredictable risks, which need to be evaluated beforehand and appropriate preventive measures should be taken in advance.

Operation difficulty
1. The site environment is complex, the passages and venues are narrow, and it is impossible to invest a lot of resources;
2. There are many precision and valuable equipments, and the safety protection requirements are high;
3. There are many equipments that need to be dismantled. If the labels are disassembled and placed improperly, it may cause confusion and loss of equipment components.
4. The equipment and components are various in shape and the protection requirements are different;
5. It is required to resume production as soon as possible, and the relocation period is tight.