“Deer Express” is a new warehousing service model based on years of experience and unique market sense. Let the company focus on its own development, we will provide professional management personnel and operators of special machines, enter the enterprise, and tailor a set of the most suitable storage operation plan for the enterprise.

Modern warehouse management

Our company has a standard warehouse of nearly 20,000 square meters, the traffic is very convenient, all warehouses are equipped with smoke alarm, anti-riot lights and automatic sprinkler system, 24-hour CCTV comprehensive monitoring, can provide customers with 24-hour storage and storage, loading and unloading, stacking, Packaging, sorting, bar code processing, cargo processing, information processing and other services, the warehouse has four super large dedicated freight elevators can simultaneously load and unload goods, standard loading and unloading is convenient and fast. There are more than 20 electric forklifts, earth cows and stackers to achieve mechanized operation and improve work efficiency.

Our advantage

Quick and accurate entry and exit of goods: Import and export operations adopt standardized, standardized, mechanized and automated import and export management, which provides a strong guarantee for the entry and exit of customers' goods.

Convenient and timely information service: Provide real-time inquiry and statistical services for storing goods through the “Deer Logistics System”, so that customers can keep in touch with the goods at any time.

Effectively reduce inventory and warehouse rent: Through the intelligent management of the inventory of goods and the process of entering and leaving, the best inventory points can be quickly captured to reduce the inventory and customer rent.

Achieve multi-warehouse, multi-shipper, multi-level location management: support multiple types of warehouses such as flat warehouses and three-dimensional warehouses, providing a variety of goods inspection strategies and a variety of picking modes.