“Deer Express” combines the “fast” and “low cost” expectations of cross-border transportation of small quantities of goods to provide you with a new road cross-border trucking service. When your cargo is not enough to fill the entire container, we will provide you with the timeliness of the cross-border transportation of the whole cabinet, but the ASEAN truck cross-border warehouse service is far lower than the whole container charging standard. Current program coverage: China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand.


LTL transportation: China warehouse - LTL transportation of overseas warehouses, delivery within China, delivery of overseas warehouses

Customs clearance services: import and export declaration agent, certificate of origin, export tax rebate


Truck flights: trucks from Monday to Friday

Transportation speed: the domestic warehouse is out of the warehouse, the transportation does not stop

Transit speed: delivery outside the warehouse, transfer does not stop

Low cost

Low threshold: 100KG

Low miscellaneous fees: clear and clear costs

Low requirements: applicable to all goods that can be transported in general

Take Shenzhen as an example: it takes only 2 days to arrive at Hanoi from Shenzhen.