“Deer Express” entrusts your goods to senior customs brokers who have more than 350,000 annual customs clearances in the Asia Pacific region and only 250,000 customs clearances in ASEAN. Comply with current government regulations in the Asia Pacific region and around the world. Create a complete customs clearance process with a highly respected global company. Experienced customs experts review your shipments and make recommendations to ensure that you pay the correct customs duties, import and export duties and declared value.


Import and export declaration agent, customs clearance agent, certificate of origin (ASEAN country certificate), customs collection, export tax rebate, import and export trade

Service area

China: Pingxiang Youyi Guan Port, Ruili Jiegao Port

Vietnam: Lianshan Youyi customs port, suspension bridge port, Chaluo port, labor insurance port, wooden port, horse racing port

Cambodia: Bavi Port, Shama Port, Pobe Port

Laos: Continent Port, Naban Port, Dansha Bay Port, Shawan Naji Port

Thailand: Mudahan Port, Aram Port Port, Meso Port

Myanmar: Mushi Port, Miaowadi Port