“Deer Express” has a well-established logistics network in Vietnam, mature international cargo services, and excellent customs clearance capabilities. We have been making progress. To help sellers deliver goods to overseas buyers as quickly as possible, we have officially launched the professional Vietnam e-commerce packet COD service.

What is COD?
To cash on delivery (C.O.D.) English abbreviation. Courier charges. After the goods are delivered first, the customer will send the money to the delivery person. This is what we often say "deliver one-handed delivery", generally used for e-commerce (online shopping).

Why choose COD
According to the data obtained from the survey of more than 1,000 Vietnamese e-commerce companies by Southeast Asian e-commerce research institutions, the following three points can be summarized:
1. Viet Nam is the fastest growing mobile communication country in South-East Asia;
2. The conversion rate of e-commerce in Vietnam is the highest among Southeast Asian countries;
3. Bank transfers and COD are still the most popular payment methods for Vietnamese.

Vietnam Express
China and Vietnam warehouse sorting
Collection of goods in Vietnam
Return processing

Our advantage
Have a Chinese-managed business team in Vietnam
Vietnam tax package imports, buyers do not have to pay other fees
Provide temporary storage in Vietnam warehouse
Support Vietnamese cash on delivery
Independent e-commerce logistics system, support API open