Company Introduction

Deer Express CO.,LTD. main engage in Cross-border land, International Freight Forwarder, Storage and delivery, customs clearance. About Cross-border land, which transport cargo between China and Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore and other countries. Enterprises began operating in the field of Southeast since 2006, aiming at “ramified” which provide efficient and convenient logistics service experience.

The company has three companies focusing on the ASEAN branch, namely: Guangxi Deer Express Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.: Focus on Guangxi Pingxiang YOUYI Port import and export agent declaration; CONG TY TNHH DEER EXPRESS VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED : Focus on the import and export of Vietnam's HUU NGHI Port and transit agent declaration business; ASIA DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS LIMITED: Focus on local logistics services in Vietnam and cross-border transportation in ASEAN.

Hundreds Of Different Vehicles

Dozens of modern logistics machine
30,000 square meters of constant temperature warehouses
Efficient logistics operations control center

Company Idea

Cultural Branding- ramified ASEAN
Service Idea- Honesty and promise, mind to mind communication
Business Concepts- Efficient and convenient logistics service

Join Us

We are thirsty for talents,
We Convinced talents is our most valuable asset, is a necessary  motivation of new spirit.
 “Deer Express” Actively absorb talents, Retain high quality staff and fosters the talents, at the same time, we do our best to help staffs to learn the professional knowledge and Promote their personal career development.
Join us,  grow togethe

Shao Hu

General manager

Integrity management is the foundation of our survival. Whether we are facing customers or partners, we should keep our promises and think in order to achieve win-win cooperation. Constantly improve our service quality and core advantages, gain more recognition from customers and the trust of our partners. Every one of us is working hard for this!

Zeng Jing

Deputy General Manager&Operations manager

Customer service is an extension of the company's product sales, and it is the core way to directly influence the company's image. Proactive is the must-have attitude of every customer service staff. Regardless of the size of the customer or the new and old customers, they should treat themselves with a full heart. Only in this way can the work efficiency be multiplied and win the trust of customers. .

Chen Yinsheng

Vietnam branch manager

Based in Vietnam, with nearly 10 years of experience in Vietnam, I am very familiar with the customs and customs of Vietnam, to solve problems for our customers; continuously improve services and optimize resources, sincerely serve customers and provide cost-effective and safe logistics services. As a bridge between China and Vietnam, we cooperate with our customers to help our customers develop their business in Vietnam and to fly with customers.

Li Jianjun


Drivers are the pioneers of our business and the first face to face customers, so managing them is the top priority of my work. I have more than 25 years of experience in vehicle management and management. Therefore, I ask our team to be qualified, patient, and compliant in the face of customers, and strive for the perfect impression of our customers.